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Mr Rogers Facts.

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I remember I was in 8th grade social studies when I found out Mr. Rogers had passed, and it was a very emotional moment for me. I had grown up with Mr. Rogers and he had taught me very important lessons. I never missed a show, and sometimes I’d even re-watch episodes. My mom had to explain to me that all shows have to end when Mr. Rogers went off the air because I cried.

In that 8th grade social studies class, we were reading the newspaper and I read the article in which Mr. Rogers’ death was discussed. I couldn’t keep myself from crying and my teacher got mad at me, demanding to know what was wrong. When I said what happened, she suddenly had a room full of sobbing 14 year olds and no idea what to do. She gave up and just let us cry ourselves out.

To this day, I get very sad and teary thinking about the fact that he’s gone. Mr. Rogers was an extremely important role model to children everywhere, and I can honestly say I will always love him.

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